For achieving the highest standards in the working and the end products MSPL managements has constantly endeavored to inculcate quality consciousness among all its personnels in various departments. A system in quality assurance has been evolved thereby all activities are performed to specific written procedures and standards.
  • Moulding
  • Physical Laboratory
  • Chemical Laboratory
  • Heat Treatment
  • Fettling
  • Machine Shop
  • Pattern Design & Development

    Moulding : 

    Moulding section is fully equipped with Moulding Machines, Sand Handling Equipments, Flame Guns, Spray Guns, Muller Machines, Core Ovens, Compressors & Sand-Testing Equipments Penumetic Rammers etc.



    Physical Laboratory : 

    The Metallurgical Laboratory is equipped with Microscope for Micro structure characterization, Rockwell and Brinnel Hardness Tester. The Universal Testing Machine for checking of Tensile Strength, Ductibility properties and Bend Strength of Integral cast test pieces. Also arrangement for Ultrasound, Radio graphic testing, Flaw & Crack detection.



    Chemical Laboratory : 

    The Chemical Laboratory is fully equipped with modern instruments and apparatus for final analysis of the Melt.




    Heat Treatment : 

    Heat Treatment like Annealing, Normalizing, Hardening & Tempering etc. are carried out in Electrically Heated & Oil Fired Furnaces with automatic Temperature Controllers and Recorders.




    Fettling :

    Having Shot Blasting Machine, Grinding Machines, Gas Cutting, Welding Sets etc.

    Machine Shop :

    Fully equipped with Lathes, Shaper, Planner, Drilling & Cutting Machines etc.

    Pattern Design & Development :

    Fully equipped with Wood Cutting & Shaping Machinery as well as Drawing Office & Measuring instruments.

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