For achieving the highest standards in the working and the end products MSPL managements has constantly endeavored to inculcate quality consciousness among all its personnels in various departments. A system in quality assurance has been evolved thereby all activities are performed to specific written procedures and standards.
  • Moulding
  • Physical Laboratory
  • Chemical Laboratory
  • Heat Treatment
  • Fettling
  • Machine Shop
  • Pattern Design & Development

Ring Hammers, Jaw Plates & Tooth Points

High Manganese Steels, IS:276 Impact & Wear Resistant Casting

Main Items : Jaw plates, Shell Liners, Diaphragms, Hammers, Hammer Tips, Grates, Scoope Nose, Armour Plates, Drag chain Links, Tooth Points, End bits, Cutting Edge, Tips, Screen Plates, Bars, Shovel teeth, Bucket Lips, Bumping Plates, Impact Plates, Scrapper Plates, Blow Bars etc.

Carbon Steels, IS : 1030 :

Main Items : Axle Box, Housing, Pitman, Bearing Housing, Hubs, Break Head, Flanges, Trash Plates, Valve Bodies, Coupling etc.

Machined High Carbon Chrome Steel Rolls

High Carbon High Chromium Steel Rolls for Tube / Pipe Mills

(Duly Machined Hardened & Tempered)
Users : Tube/Pipe Mills

Heat Resitant Steels, IS : 4522

Main Items : Boiler Nozzles, Liners, Clinker Coolers, S.S. Rings & Furnace Parts etc.

NFL Liner, Bull Ring Segment, Spares for Shot Blasting Machine 

Ni-Hard Castings IS:4771

Main Items : Bull Ring Segments, Separator Bottom Liners, Periphery Liners, Wear Plates, Deflector Plates, Shot Blasting Machine Parts, Ash Handling Parts, Pump Parts, Pipes, Bends, Impellers, Mixer Padler etc

Rotopactor Parts

Manganese Steel Castings

Main Items : Side Plates, Rulli, Inner, Outer, Feed Ring, Teeth, Side Plates, Jaw Plates, Liners, Tooth Points

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